The right to adopt is firmly anchored in law and applies to cases where the care and education of one’s own children cannot be exercised by the natural parents. An adoption is often considered for singles or couples if their own desire for children remains unfulfilled or cannot have children for other reasons. We would be happy to give you extensive advice if you are planning to adopt a child and we will also support you during the adoption application process.

There are many options for adoption in Germany. In addition to the classic baby adoption, infants, teenagers, adults or stepchildren can be adopted as your own child. Through adoption, the same legal status applies to an adopted child as for a biological child. Rights and obligations, such as inheritance and custody rights, come into effect with the adoption and then apply in regards to the adoptive parents. The child is integrated into the new family las if the child were born within a marriage . At the same time, the kinship ties to the family of origin come t an end and a parent-child relationship should be established between the adopteve parent(s) and the child. The welfare of the child is the main focus of the adoption process, which is why the living situation, the professional environment and the aptitude of the adoptive parent(s) are also examined more closely.

Starting family through adoption can often be very complex. From the initial visit to the youth welfare office, the submission of birth certificates, criminal records and resumes to the suitability procedure and visits to the guardianship or family court, it can take a lot of patience until the adoption process is completed. In addition to classic adoption in Germany, adoption abroad can also be considered, in which there is the possibility to adopt a child from abroad. This type of adoption also requires a great deal of patience.

We would be glad to offer you our legal support for this process.