The right of asylum is a special area of immigration law. A foreigner can apply for asylum in the Federal Republic of Germany if he or she cannot or does not want to return to his or her home country due to political strife, genderdiscrimination or other reasons for persecution, also due to military action and risk to personal safety.

In the process, asylum applications are rejected time and again, but It is possible to take legal action. In the years 2016 and 2017, only about 50% of asylum applications were successful. This shows that a high number of rejections were illegal and that it is abslutely advisable to take legal action against a negative decision. We‘ve had many years of experience with asylum procedures and lawsuits and are proud of our high success rate. We go into every single personal case in detail to give you the best possible chances in court.

We can also give advice before you apply for a job or before the personal interview and prepare you in the best possible way to represent your interests in this often stressful situation.


Asylum can be applied for at any security authority (e.g. the police), at the immigration office or at arrival centers and reception facilities.

If you wish, we can advise and support you before and/or during the application process. This is highly recommended in cases where difficulties are expected. In this phase, we give you our guarantee that no avoidable misunderstandings willarise and that we will make sure you have the benefit of all your possibilities and rights.


If you feel that your application has been wrongly rejected, you may appeal against the rejected decision. In this case, we strongly recommend that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible. This is especially true if the rejection is described as “obviously unfounded”. Your lawyer must then take legal action immediately, within a few days, to prevent expulsion. In the case of a “normal” refusal, the lawyer will file a lawsuit and, in cooperation with you, will substantiate the lawsuit as well as prepare you for the hearing and accompany you to it.


If the lawsuit is also unsuccessful and all other possibilities for legal action are either exhausted or offer no chance of success, but you cannot return to your country of origin under any circumstances, there are other possibilities for legal residence in Germany under certain conditions. We will certainly advise you regarding these possibilities at an early stage, if a failure of the lawsuit(s) is foreseeable.