According to the legal regulations, a divorce is normally only considered after the marriage has irrevocably failed and the legally required separation year has passed. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Should you wish to divorce your spouse, we will stand by your side in this difficult time and support you in every way we can.


If your marriage is at risk and separation or divorce is very likely, separation and/or divorce agreements can be made.

In a post-separation agreement, arrangements are made between the spouses that apply during the separation phase. In order to make rules to manage the time after the divorce, the divorced spouses can make a post-divorce agreement.


After a separation or divorce, alimony is usually a point of contention that has to be discussed, especially if the partnership has produced children.

Child support:

In principle, both parents have a maintenance obligation for the common child.

The parent with whom the child lives already meets his or her maintenance obligation with so-called maintenance in kind, i.e. the provision of board and lodging. The other parent must make his or her contribution as cash maintenance.

Maintenance for partners

A maintenance obligation can be agreed upon not only for one child, but spouses or life partners may also be required to pay maintenance to the other partner in case of need.

Separation maintenance

Separation support can be claimed during the period of separation until divorce. In order for a partner to receive separation support, the following requirements must be met:

  -Both spouses must be living separately.

  -The partner requesting separation support must be dependent upon the support of the other partner.

  -The other partner is financially stable and solvent.

Marital maintenance

Post-marital maintenance can be claimed from the time of the legally binding divorce. In principle, each spouse is required to provide for his or her own maintenance after the divorce. Only the spouse who is not able to provide for himself/herself after the divorce and is therefore dependent on the support of the other spouse is entitled to maintenance.