Initial consultation

The purpse of the initial consultation is to answer your questions and to assess your legal situation. For a comprehensive initial consultation, including postal and telecommunication expenses and VAT, the costs is 249.90 €. This is also the cost for telephone or online consultations.

The initial consultation includes a review of your documents and a detailed personal or telephone initial consultation or a short written statement, for example by e-mail.

Guarantee of success

Although we examine every and all possibilities and offer you various solutions to achieve the success you desire, we can rarely give you a guarantee of success, as the complexity of the issues usually does not allow for this. In the initial consultation, we will always tell you how likely it is – in our experience – that success will be achieved.

If we determine, even before the initial consultation and examination of your documents, that no reasonable or promising approach is possible in your case, we will inform you immediately and discuss with you to determine whether a consultation appointment is practical and necessary.

Total costs

The costs depend on the individual case and a lump sum can only rarely be a fixed cost. This is mainly due to the fact that the length and complexity of most cases depends very much on the reaction and willingness to cooperate on the part of the other side or or the authorities involved. Based on our many years of experience, we can usually provide you with a cost estimate after the initial consultation.

Legal protection insurance

If you have legal expenses insurance, it may cover the costs of an initial consultation on family law or other matters. Please get a written confirmation of cover from your legal protection insurance company in advance.

Request for consulting assistance

Request for consulting assistance

There are costs for extrajudicial legal advice and representation by a lawyer. Those seeking legal advice who do not have enough funds to pay for a lawyer have the possibility to apply for legal aid. The counselling assistance certificate allows the person seeking legal assistance to consult a lawyer of his choice, to be advised, and if necessary, to be represented out of court. The more detailed requirements are regulated in the Advisory Assistance Act (BerHG).

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Here you will find the German Lawyers’ Fees Act:

Legal and procedural aid

If you have a low income or very high debts, you can apply for legal aid. If this is granted, you will not have to pay any legal costs.

Whether or not the lawyer’s fees for the legal proceedings are also covered depends on your income. Either all costs will be covered or you might have to pay the lawyer’s fees back to the state in installments.

To apply for legal aid, you must complete the following form:

We will gladly review the application for you. Please note, however, that such an application will only be granted if you provide all necessary documents in due time.

Documents for submitting a PKH/VKH application

For the purposes of applying for legal aid and procedural aid, supporting documents must be produced where appropriate:

  – Payment of your legal expenses insurance

  – Resolution or proof that you are obliged to support another person

  – Resolution or proof that you provide cash or in-kind support to a relative

  -Proof of income (for example: wage statements for the last 3 months, tax statement, approval statement with calculation sheet, proof of social assistance, proof of housing benefit, proof of pension, unemployment benefit statement)

  – Proof of spouse‘s income

  – Certification of deductions such as taxes (details are shown on the pay slip), life insurance etc. or operating expenses for self-employed people

  – Deductions of the partner

  – Bank statements from the last three months for all accounts you own

  – Proof of property ownership (purchase contract)

  – Proof of motor vehicle ownership (purchase contract)

  – Records of other assets

  – Records of other payment obligations (for example loans or borrowings)

  – Certification of special burdens (for example additional expenses for physically handicapped relatives)

Compensation Agreement

A remuneration agreement is an individually concluded contract agreed upon by you and the lawyer. In it, the hourly rate of the lawyer is determined. The upper limit cost to services can be decided upon in this agreement.