International family law is becoming increasingly important as Europe grows together. For example, divorces with a foreign connection are on the rise. International family law relates to individual family disputes with a specific connection to foreign countries and regulates which courts are competent in the event of a dispute if the spouses have different nationalities, if the marriage was contracted abroad or if there is a dispute about other family law constellations.

We deal with:

– Marriages abroad of binational couples

– Marriages in Denmark

– International conflicts of parenthood (HKÜ procedure)

Our expert specialization lies in Spanish law.

The cases in international family law are characterized by the fact that one or more family members have a connection to a foreign country. For example, in cases where one of the parties involved is of a different nationality or has their habitual residence outside Germany, it must be decided which of the different legal systems is applicable and which court has jurisdiction.

International family law has the purpose of harmonizing the different regulations of the different states.

In German law, we have a law called „conflict-of-laws“ which often deals with such issues. In addition to the relevant national law, international agreements and EU regulations must be observed.

When a multinational marriage fails, various problems can arise. In such a case, the questions is which law is applicable and should regulate areas such as matrimonial property law, custody, rights of access and the pensions. In international family law, it is especially important to have a lawyer who has your interests in mind at your side and one who is familiar with national as well as international regulations in order to comprehensively advise and support you.

A particularly complex area that can be addressed here is child abduction abroad. If one parent disregards the decision of the custody or moves with the child to another country without the consent of the other parent, we will gladly assist you with legal advice in order to arrange the return of the child as quickly as possible.

We are happy to advise you on your questions or topics, such as:

– Which legal system applies?

– Which courts have jurisdiction in my dispute if both parties are not of the same nationality or have the same place of residence or domicile?

– How do I enter into a binational marriage?

– What do I need to consider for an international marriage or civil partnership agreement?

– Support claims abroad

– Custody and custody abroad

– International adoption of children abroad

– International divorce and divorce consequences

– Marriage abroad for international couples

– Marriage abroad for international couples