There are many couples wish to get married abroad. Depending on their nationality, this can lead to different rules and regulations, especially if binational couples decide to get married abroad. This often raises the question of the legitimacy of the marriage in Germany. A marriage contracted abroad is generally only recognized if both people have all the legal requirements for marriage required by their respective home country and if the form was maintained at the place of marriage. If an application is made to the family court in Germany, a marriage contracted abroad can be recognized. In addition, since a separate legal system may apply, it could be a good idea to be proactive and to think about drawing up a marriage contract, especially if the spouses are of different nationalities. Early legal advice can ensure that questions concerning the matrimonial property regime, custody of any children or the right to a name can be settled.

When marrying abroad, binational couples also require a certificate of no impediment to marriage, Obtaining this can cause problems. If this seems to be the case, we will be happy to provide you with legal advice.