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Marriage contract

In the case of a marriage, the corresponding legal regulations of the German Civil Code (BGB) apply from the day of the civil marriage. The legal regulations link various consequences to the conclusion of the marriage. These primarily relate to the matrimonial property regime, maintenance and provision in old age. If you do not enter into a marriage contract, in the event of divorce, the profit-sharing arrangement always applies. This means that the property of the partners remains separate (i.e. there is no joint property). In the case of a divorce, there would be compesnsation for any gain accumulated.

In regards to the marriage contract, the legal regulations can be adapted to fit respective personal circumstances. We would be pleased to advise you regarding such a contract. In a marriage contract, spouses can, for example, agree on the separation of property or can exclude the equalization of pensions. Such an agreement ensures that spouses are financially independent of each other in the event of a divorce.

Keep in mind, a marriage contract may not be optimal for all couples. To what extent a marriage contract is advantageous for you can be discussed in a mutual conversation.