Marriage in Denmark

For many international couples, a fast and less bureaucratic marriage in Denmark is an option. It is much less complicated, but can cause problems when it comes to a residence permit. If the marriage takes place in Denmark, a residence permit can be applied for after entering Germany, which will be checked by immigration. If only a Schengen visa is available upon entry, this is a problem. In order to obtain a residence permit, it will be necessary to re-marry in a German territory after entry. The other option is having entered on another kind of residence permit. It is possible that immigration notices this and sends the foreign spouse back to their home country in order to complete the regular visa procedure for the spouse’s reunion. This can be avoided only in special circumstances of an individual case, i.e. if it would be unreasonable for the applicant to go through the visa procedure. It is therefore at the discretion of immigration to decide whether a residence title is granted. So that you and your spouse avoid the problems described above and can live together in Germany, we would be pleased to advise you about your options.