Marriage in Germany for bi-national couples

Bi-national couples often wish to get married in Germany in order to be able to live together in the Federal Republic afterwards.

In order for bi-national couples to get married in Germany, there are many different requirements and regulations that must be met. In order to marry in Germany, the marriage must be registered at the registry office of one of the future spuses‘ place of residency.

You will need several documents in order to register the marriage. At the registry office, the following documents are usually required: a valid passport, birth certificate, proof of residence and any other documents that serve as proof of ability to marital capacity. Proof of marital capacity must be applied for at the responsible registry office or at the country‘s relevant internal authority

If the non-German future spouse lives abroad and the marriage is going to take place in Germany, a declaration of accession from abroad is usually required. This states that the future spouse living abroad agrees to the marriage.

Difficulties may arise in obtaining the listed documents, as many countries do not issue a certificate of no impediment to marriage because they use other means to confirm the marital capacity to contract marriage or because it takes several months to issue a document. We would be glad to assist you in compiling the necessary documents and in communicating with the relevant authorities in Germany and abroad so that you can get married to your partner in Germany as soon as possible.