There are different conflict resolution strattegies in everyday life .

Mediation is a voluntary process intended to de-escalate, deal with and resolve conflicts in a structured and constructive manner. It is an informal and extrajudicial solution process of conflict resolution. Mediation means “mediatio in a conflict” and works toward mutual understanding, non-violent and constructive communication.

Since 2012, I have been a trained procedural counselor, contact nurse and mediator and offer mediation as an alternative way of conflict resolution.

In comparison, settling disputes out-of-court often achieves a better result and represents a more cost-effective option of conflict resolution.


MiKK is a non-profit association that deals with the topic of mediation in cross-border conflicts between parents and children. The association advises and supports affected parents free of charge so that they can find a solution in what is a difficult situation, often associated with high conflict potential.

Parents are advised around the topic of mediation, which can accompany an HKÜ procedure. MiKK has a network of 150 specialized and experienced family mediators who can function in over 30 languages. The success rate of mediations supervised by the association is 80%. The association also offers advice and support for couples and families planning to move abroad and who would like to get advice on all aspects of their move in advance.