Isabel Fernández de Castillejo

I studied law in Germany (Freiburg, Berlin, Saarbrücken) and in Switzerland (Lausanne). After completing my legal clerkship in the Free State of Saxony as well as at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, I was admitted to the bar at the District Court of Leipzig in 2001. Two years later, I opened my own law firm and the translation agency “Trans & Law”.

That same year, I passed the exams to become a state-certified translator.

During and after my legal clerkship, I specialized in immigration law and private international law. I worked as a lecturer at the University of Leipzig and until 2011 at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, where I gave lectures on Spanish law. In addition, I offer seminars on comparative law, family law, as well as law concerning foreigners and youth welfare.

Having the personal experience as a mother of three children, I strive for out-of-court settlements of disputes, especially concerning family law disputes, as this is not only in the best interest of the child, but also represents a less burdensome, cheaperand better solution for the parties in dispute.

Thanks to a large number of in-service specialization courses, I work not only as a lawyer, but also as a lecturer, trainer, mediator and solution-oriented, systemic expert. Furthermore, I am active in contact and custody proceedings as procedural counsel (attorney of the child).

Regular further training, especially in family and immigration law, as well as international conferences for mediation are very important to me in order to support my clients with up-to-date specialist knowledge and to be able to advise them competently and comprehensively.

Main topics

My focus is on international private law as well as on German family and immigration law.

During the last 10 years, I have overseen more than 250 cases of international family conflicts and mediated approximately 45.

In the last 5 years, I have overseen more than 500 cases in immigration, residence, and asylum law.

Language skills

I attach particular importance to and am proud of the fact that my law firm is multilingual. This means that my clients can present a case in their native language so that legal communication is able to take place without the need for external interpreters.

We are please to be able to operate multiculturally and multilingually. At our office, legal advice, mediation and correspondence can be carried out in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

Adding more and more spoken languages with the addition of academic and freelance staff is a high priority in the further development of my law firm.


In order to keep up to date with the latest developments in national and international law, especially in family law, I am a member of various associations.

I am a member of the networks LEPCA (Lawyers in Europe on Parental Child Abduction) and CBFM (Cross-Border Family Mediators).

Furthermore, I am the first chairperson of MiKK e. V. (International Mediation Center for Family Conflicts and Child Abduction).


On November 20, 2017, the Leipzig Bar Association awarded me the “Golden Robe” prize for my social commitment in connection with the Refugee Law Clinic Leipzig e. V. (RLCL).