Anyone who wants to stay in Germany for longer than a tourist stay requires a residence permit. This must be applied for at the local immigration office or the German embassy in the country of origin. If necessary, we will support you in the application process and in all communication with the relevant authorities and advise you which permit is the right one for your situation and your wishes.

The most common topics are here:

– First application for a permit
– Extension and modification of permit
– Consultation for the refusal of residence permits and opposition
– Problems related to Brexit and residence permit
– Administrative support in all other legal matters concerning foreigners
– Stay for study and training, as well as switching between the various types of stay

Here is an important piece of advice:

If your request becomes problematic, don’t wait until the last moment before getting support! Information, advice and experiences found in online forums or other private sources are often unreliable due to the constant and permanent changes in the legal situation and the complexity of the right of residence. Even small differences in the facts of a case can make a huge legal difference. A lawyer has significantly more possibilities to advise you and intervene the earlier he or she gets involved.


A visa is, although it is often colloquially equated with a residence permit, only gives you permission to enter or transit through Germany. In certain cases, it can also serve as a residence permit, such as the “Schengen visa for tourist purposes”.


Germans and foreigners have the right to live together with their spouses in Germany if they have their habitual residence here. However, there are conditions and procedural rules that must be observed. Problems can also arise here with German citizens. We can help you to apply for the reunion and the relevant paperwork for you or your partner and make the issuance as swift and uncomplicated as possible.


Many people in in Germany would like to marry to a foreigner and then be able to live together afterwards, obviously. Before getting married, it can be useful to get proper advice regarding the marriage and also to establish the location of the marriage.

Even after getting married in Denmark – often an option claimed by international couples due to the much faster and less complicated procedure – there can be problems securing a residence permit. Therefore, it is recommended to get comprehensive advice before the marriage in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when applying for the residence permit.

After the marriage has taken place, we can also advise you on the planning of future paperwork, such as naturalization and settlement permits. Being proative is particularly important to avoid having additional difficulties under residence law in the event of separation or the death of a partner.


Not every residence title in Germany allows a person to work in Germany. Strict regulations must be followed carefully in order not to risk the existing title. Many employers are hesitant to hire a foreigner, because they are not always familiar with the current legal situation and are afraid to illegally employ someone. In such cases, we can consult with you, apply for the relevant visa and also, if necessary, communicate with the employer.


We support you in the recognition of foreign documents.