Law of Succession

The German law of succession is stated in §§ 1922 to 2385 of the German Civil Code. It enables generational fortune planning and includes article 14 GG basic rights protection. The Law of Succession defines the rights and obligations for the distribution of an estate. It includes provisions on legal and testamentary succession as well as on the acceptance, rejection or challenge of the inheritance, which are applied depending on individual circumstances. Before the will can be made, the law of succession regulates the areas of the will, the inheritance contract and the power of attorney. After the interitance is determined, it is a matter of finding the heirs, dealing with a possible claim to the compulsory portion, or contesting the will.

A will or a contract of inheritance can regulate exactly who inherits the property and assets in addition to the compulsory portion. The designated or legal heirs (in the absence of a will) then have the option to accept or reject the inheritance. Acceptance is associated with the corresponding obligations of the German Civil Code (BGB). We would discuss these with you.

In addition, we can help you draft your own will or enforce your claims in court. In the event of an inheritance dispute, it is important to be informed about existing rights and to reach an agreement between the heirs in order to ensure a fair distribution. We will gladly take care of this for you. If a death occurs in the family environment, the relatives often have numerous legal questions. We can most certainly provide you with legal advice and support.