In order for you to look ahead without having to worry, we would be pleased to advise you on all matters of advance directives and succession planning. We can assist you in preparing legally watertight powers of attorney and testamentary dispositions.

  • Power of attorney (care directive)

    We support you with many years of experience in drafting a precautionary power of attorney or care directive so the people who are close to you have the power to make all relevant decisions in any emergency situation.

  • Advance directive

    If you want to be sure that decisions about medical and care measures are taken the way you would want it, we strongly advise you to prepare an advance directive in a timely manner. We can support you so your wishes will be enforced even if you are unable to speak for yourself at some point. The advance directive can also mean an invaluable relief for the authorized representative.

  • Last will

    With the help of a last will, you can adjust or even exclude intestate succession according to your own wishes. It is often advisable to ask for the opinion of an expert for inheritance law when drafting a last will – especially in cases of a mutual wills of spouses such as the so-called “Berliner Testament”.